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Our mission is to inspire healthy living through consultancy services that deliver personalised and innovative programmes.

Managing Director/ Founder

Fiona Chia

Fiona’s nutrition principles in living in the fast paced society is about going back to basics with a key focus on cooking.Through fun education, she strives to help everyone achieve a greater quality of health!

Her affluent public speaking skills, zestfulness and fun approach to wellness have brought her into the public eye having been featured on media platforms such as NUYOU magazine, Channel 8, Channel U and many more. Fiona has also gone global as the personal Nutritionist of the sensational Taiwanese singer and actress Angela Chang.

When she’s not in office or working with people, she’s either diving or hiking. Fiona adds a dash of her passion for wellness and love for the outdoors to everything she does, creating extraordinary sessions that go beyond just body and into the mind and heart.

Siti Khadijah
Health Promotion/ Operations Manager

Siti Khadijah

Siti believes in loving oneself, and stresses on the importance of taking charge of one’s own body and health. She eats and breathes the healthy lifestyle and continuously fosters good eating habits with her family and friends.

Siti enjoys every different opportunity presented to her in each project, and loves being part of the development process to convert any seemingly impossible ideas to reality! As a result of her vast experiences, Health Can Be Fun has pride itself in delivering quality nutrition related services and its high customer satisfaction rate is one key indicator for both Siti’s and the company’s success.

When Siti is not working, you’ll find her spending quality time with her two kids either outdoors in the park (her two favourite activities are cycling and hiking) or in the air-conditioned bowling centres!

Health Promotion Consultant

Stella Lim

Stella believes healthy eating can be made easy by looking after our diet and nutrition, and understanding what we put into our bodies on a daily basis. As the health consultant, she strongly believes that there is no one-size-fits-all programme.

With a bubbly personality and openness to share, Stella’s clients are never uncomfortable around her, while some have naturally gone on to become close friends! Her impressive portfolio includes companies across many industries, including but not limited to Disney, SP Group, Alcon, Merck Sharp & Dohm (MSD), Aviva and Morgan Stanley.

Stella is also a strong advocate of self-care - both internal and external! Stella loves exploring with beauty products and even have a professional certification as a nail technician! To Stella, health and wellness is everything from inside to outside!

Community Nutritionist

Meenushree Chandrasekaran

Meenu loves sharing how to prepare healthier alternatives of their favourite dishes. She is a strong believer of a plant-based diet! She strives to reach out to as many communities as possible to empower them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Meenu strongly believes there are no shortcuts to a healthy lifestyle. At Health Can Be Fun, Meenu is always bringing clarity and fun to people who are inundated with overwhelming information about food and health.

As an animal lover and vegetarian, Meenu strongly advocates for plant-based food and believes it is win-win for both her health and the planet’s! Outside of work, Meenu loves exploring vegan versions of Singapore’s local delight such as chicken rice. If she’s not in the kitchen creating new vegan dishes, she’s probably doing yoga to keep her mind and body at ease!

F&B Consultant/ Nutritionist

Charlene Fung

Charlene strongly believes that the secret to a healthy weight is not depicted by the number on the scale. She finds the right balance between eating nutrient-dense food & indulging in ‘cheat’ food occasionally, while maintaining a healthy active lifestyle.

Charlene focuses and specialises in providing related nutrition services for F&B clients so that healthier options are made more readily available for consumers. Her favourite part about working closely with F&B clients is meeting people who are just as passionate about food as she is and she is always motivated by the smiles at the end of every successful project.

Outside of work, Charlene is either spending time with her loved ones or sweating it out in HIIT and spin classes.

Marketing Executive/ Senior Nutritionist

Wu Nan Nan

Nana is a strong advocate against no-carb diet or calorie-counting methods and believes in finding the right amount and type of diet based on each individual’s goals and knowing what works for everyone’s body. With her affluent public speaking skills and passion in nutrition, Nana was featured on various media platforms, including MediaCorp, Channel 8, Channel U, FM Radio 958 and Nu You Magazine.

When Nana is not in action conducting sessions, you can see her working on a wide scope of marketing projects. Her passion for nutrition coupled with her creativity has given Nana an opportunity for dual roles within the company - a Marketing Executive as well as a Nutritionist!

If you can’t find Nana in the office, she is probably away from the sunny island looking for her next adventurous diving spot!


Syahirah Halim

Syahirah strives to educate and empower people with the proper nutrition knowledge in hopes of making a positive change in their lives. She finds it highly rewarding when people achieve their goals after putting in the hard work as she believes in the quote “no pain no gain”.

At work, you’ll find Syahirah either in the kitchen - designing recipes and cooking up dishes for clients’ personalised meal plans, or behind her desk - supporting F&B clients to get onboard with Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) Healthier Dining Programme so that the community can be served with more healthier food choices!

When Syahirah is not at work, you can catch her lifting some weights in the gym or travelling the world in search of good coffee and food. As cliché as it sounds, she believes “ travel is the only thing that makes you richer”.

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