Programmes and Events

Seminars/ Webinars

Our experienced speakers shed light on the latest health research and trends — Intermittent fasting diets, sleep hygiene, plant-based food choices, gut and brain axis and more.

Cooking demonstration/ Webcook

Our Nutritionist demonstrates how to prepare delicious and nutritious dishes from our recipe collection!

Family Day

A healthy day out with the family and colleagues is double the fun when bonds are formed!

Wellness Day

Create buzz and chatter about health with your colleagues at your workplace or virtually.

Fun Health for Kids

What is fun for the adults, is also fun for the kids! Fun health programmes allow kids to explore food and health positively. Families can enjoy learning about health and nutrition positively.

Ergonomics and physical activities

Massage your joints and muscles to relieve tension and aches. Our trainers not only target your core muscles, they will also put a smile on your face.

Click here to watch our work from home wellness programmes:

Why choose us?

Not only our Health Promotion Consultants are professional, they have a good sense of humour too! They are trained to evaluate all aspects of programmes and services to ensure highest quality of service and programmes. Our principle is to provide unbiased information of the market situation and best practices, throughout your journey towards total wellness. They are well-equipped with today’s trends and new workplace solutions.